BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium 2015

The 2015 BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium was held at Edinburgh University, on 9 April 2015. We had around 150 attendees, and employer stalls from Kotikan, UTC Aerospace, VMWare and many of the other sponsors listed below.

Google were our headline sponsor, for the 8th year running, covering most of the student travel. Our lunch was sponsored by Twitter, our coffees and cakes by Bloomberg, and the social at the end of the day was sponsored by Scott Logic. Edinburgh University school of Informatics, SICSA, and BCS contributed to speaker and student travel.


  • Being Passionate and Working on Things that Matter  Dr Kate Ho, product manager at Ginsberg.io
  • Cloak and Swagger: Understanding Data Sensitivity Through the Lens of User Anonymity Dr Geetanjali Sampemane, software engineer at Google
  • Insect robotics Professor Barbara Webb, University of Edinburgh
  • How I stuck around for 30 years Professor Lynda Hardman, CWI Amsterdam

Poster contests winners:

First Year Poster Contest, sponsored by Google

  • 1st place: Summer Jones of Imperial College, “Computational Neuroscience – Could it Eradicate Memory Loss?”
  • 2nd place:  Yiota Laperta of Aberystwyth University, “Programming an Arduino”

Second Year Poster Contest, sponsored by Slack

This covers undergraduate students in between their first and final years of study, so second year students from a three-year course and third year/industrial placement students from a four-year course.

  • 1st place: Emily Fay Horner of Sheffield Hallam University, “Nanobots: from Fiction to Reality”
  • 2nd place: Lucy Parker of Edinburgh University, “Assistive Technology for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Classroom”
  • An honorable mention also went to Natasha Lee of Bedfordshire University, “Reframing the Mainframe: Struggle for the future of enterprise computing”

Final Year Poster Contest, sponsored by EMC

This covers anyone in their final year, so third year students on a three-year course and fourth year students for those on a four-year undergraduate course.

  • 1st place: Amanda Curry of Heriot-Watt University, “Generating Natural Route Instructions for Virtual Personal Assistants”

2nd place was a 3-way tie:

  • Jade Evans of Aberystwyth University with “Teaching and Evaluation of Breast Radiologists, Using Computer Games Theory”
  • Yazhou Liu of the University of Bath, “Neologisms and Idioms: Translators ‘nightmare'”
  • Jade Woodward of Dundee University, “Let’s Help Around the Kitchen – iPad Game for Children with Autism”

MSc Poster Contest, sponsored by JP Morgan

  • Dhiya Al Saqri of Buckingham University, “Digitalised Human Body”

People’s Choice Poster, sponsored by interface3

Every attendee gets the chance to vote for their two favourite posters during the day, with the most popular poster winning the People’s Choice Prize. With so many amazing posters, last year saw a three-way tie; this year had another incredible array of entries, resulting in a two-way tie between:

  • Emily Wang of Edinburgh University, “Koi Pond”
  • Milka Horozova of Queen Mary University of London, “Can a Robot Make this Poster?”