BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium 2012

The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium is a national one-day conference for women undergraduates in computing and related subjects. In 2012 it was held at the University of Bath on April 12. The event was organised by John Power, a long-time Lovelace Colloquium supporter (he’s been to all bar one).


  • Gillian Arnold, Tectre & BCSWomen
  • Joanna Smith of Takeda R&D
  • Monica Podsiadlo of Google
  • Amanda Clare of Aberystwyth University
  • Julie McCann from Imperial College London

Poster contests winners:

The 2012 poster contest winners were as follows:

  • Google Excellence award for best poster by a first year (£500) was won by Laura Deeley, University of Bath ‘AI in physical and emotional support for the elderly’
  • Thoughtworks best open choice poster: First prize (£300) Eleanor Mitchell, University of Bath ‘Quantum Computing: What is achievable?’; Second prize (£200) to Catherine de Roure & Sophie Drake, also of Bath, for ‘Computational Computation’
  • Bloomberg best project work poster:  First prize (£300) Francesca Day of Cambridge University for ‘The fidelity of the Ising model’;  Second prize (£200) to Zoe Benedict of Bath for ‘The analysis of public perception towards users Facebook profiles’
  • FDM Group best Masters student (£200): Wuraola Jinadu, Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen) ‘iPad UML Class diagram application’
  • We also have a people’s choice award where attendees vote for their favourite poster, this year sponsored by Interface3 (£100). This went to Sarah Murfett of Sheffield Hallam university for ‘UK/US Extradition treaties: who owns the internet?’.

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