BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium 2008

The inaugural BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium was held in the University of Leeds on June 16th 2008, and over 70 women registered for the event.


  • BCS Chair Rachel Burnett
  • Beth Hutchison (IBM)
  • Jana Urban (Google)
  • Prof Anne DeRoeck (Open University)
  • Prof Susan Stepney (University of York)

Poster contests winners:

There were two student poster contests, original project work for people presenting on their own project work (mostly made up of final year students), and open choice for people presenting on general computing topics that they found interesting (mostly made up of students from lower years). The poster quality was amazing, with posters on nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, software engineering, usability engineering, hardware, the future of technology, and women in computing, to mention just a few. Attendees were asked to vote for their favourite poster, so we had two sets of prizes, one chosen by judges and a people’s choice prize chosen by the other attendees.

People’s choice prizes went to Sarahann Hudgell, University of Leeds and Josephine Stenlake, of Durham University.

The Open choice first prize winner was Catherine Harris from Birmingham University, and the Original project work prize winners were Stacey Humphries for the first prize and Yasmeen Ahmad for the second prize, both from the University of Dundee.